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A full-service supply and installation company proudly serving Savannah, Georgia, and the Lowcountry.  When you count on local and demand the best, turn to Ebb and Flow for “A Perfect Lawn Every Day.” 

Discover the Possibilities with Synthetic Grass

Are you looking for a low-maintenance, pet-friendly option for your landscape? An alternative lawn that is pesticide and allergen-free?  Or perhaps you’re after an attractive option that also provides a smart return on your investment. Trust the experts at Ebb and Flow Turf and Hardscapes to get the job done. A Southern native and veteran-owned company with 25 years of experience in the Landscaping industry, Dallas Thompson and his team will deliver a perfect lawn to your home or business with pride and attention to detail.

Low Maintenance · Pesticide Free · Attractive

The Proof is in the Product

Take a look at our six options available for artificial turf. And when you're ready, click on the image to see how we can create your project.

Operation Beautify

Detailed design is showcased in these before and after creations.

Attractive Lawns Year Round

Walkways Designed to Admire

The Finishing Touch

Pets Love Their Own Patch

Poolside Perfection

Low Maintenance & Eco Friendly

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